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Pretty Things

Teen spirit! From Hamar comes this trio, presenting their first single. Alex (14) on bass/vocals, John (14) on drums/vocals, and Fred (13) guitar/vocals. Yep, that's right, they're all born 1988. A tight threesome spitting out quickstep power-pop, Ash/Foo Fighters/Green Day style.

"Pretty Things" is incredibly catchy, an explosive pop song about life in 'junior high'. The performance is impressive. Song two, "Winner (part I)" (Rehearsal Demo), is a bit more punkish, and not as immediate as the main track. Still these two songs prove some talented youngsters. All three of them are credited as song-writers, even though they've got some assistance by people of The Locomotives/Lokomotiv (writing and production), as well as from engineering/mixing forces behind Briskeby, Savoy and a-ha. Nevertheless, this single is a nice appetizer till an album will appear. Firstly they'll probably be signed by a major record company. There is also a rumor of one Alan McGee sneaking around holding a pen...

Go K-race. Kids rock! This is the sound of a real boy-band.

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