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EP Phone Home
Racing Junior

Meet Tøyen, a duo playing Playstation elektronica pop! Yes, Tollef Berger and Torstein Dyrnes met some years ago and decided to buy a Sony Playstation for creating pop music. Which means they only need two TV-sets when performing.

Last year Tøyen (a multi-cultural area in Oslo) released their debut album Did you bring me on national televison to tell me this?, on the US label Blackbean & Placenta. This time it's 6 song mini album, on the Norwegian quality (St. Thomas, Ai Phoenix, hello Goodbye, Salvatore, plus...) label Racing Junior (BTW: happy 2 years, RJ!). "India Pindia" has got an Indian feel. World music, elektronic style. Charming. "14 Pints" is a bit too much blip-bloppery, while "One Way Ticket" is more fascinating, with its chanting "backing" (and backing only, as most tracks are instrumental) vocals. But, wait, "Dodgy Minister" has even got female vocals all the way, being the straightest pop-song of the record. The (back in Bollywood-)remix (by Moon Orchestra) of "One Way Ticket" is partly amusing, even if Tøyen's sounds quite quirky in-bewteen. Last track "The Girl" (also a remix) sounds like the Kraftwerk's maniac nephew. Hyper space!

The naive-elektronica scene in Norway is expanding all the time, and Tøyen is up on the top, among Safariari and Remington Super 60.

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