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flag France - Luna Kafé - Full Moon 7 - 05/22/97

Bob X
Wild Palm

Well, the first time I saw that cd (which is a digipack in fact), I thought I was back to my teen years: the cover looks like the comics I used to watch on tv. It's not the best I ever saw. Nevermind, I played the cd and had a look at the press release. It talked about influences such as Tricky, Serge Gainsbourg, Napalm Death and many more... Not very accurate should I say.

It starts with talks in a bar and then ... It is weird! The guy talks French, uses scratches, uses samples and also guitars and bass. His voice sometimes sounds like a rapper's, and the music could be on the side of the easy listening but a mad touch is always here. Dissonant hip hop on La Colline des Cypres, death metal on Apocalypse, ambient trip hop on Lone Out, I ended up listening for that record the whole day.

Do you like weird poetry ? Do you like music with a feeling, from a new world? Well you surely will like Bob X. He's French, comes from Bourg en Bresse (a small town, a bit like the asshole of the world) and if he has not got the better taste for cd covers, he is one of the most creative persons in the French scene.

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