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coverpic flag France - Full Moon 69 - 05/26/02

CQ (Original Movie Soundtrack)
By Mellow / Directed by Roman Coppola

It turned out to be some kind of premiere I guess. We bought tickets to see this movie that looked pretty cool by a Coppola. It was The San Francisco International Film Festival after all, and we wanted to take part. We did. A few days before we saw Superchunk play a live score for this amazing silent twenties Japanese flick at The Castro. Whew. Cool as it sounds it was it was.

So, we go to the Kabuki Theater for the Coppola kid's thing. Well, they've got the three best rows in the room roped off for what turns out to be The Coppola Clan. Soon they're sitting behind us...Francis...Eleanor...where's Sophia? At one point, Roman is up front answering questions, talking about his "Valentine to 60's Cinema" when his father starts heckling him. Suddenly we're surrounded by Feuding Coppolas. It was nearly as fun as his movie.

I really liked it. And like Sophia's, it was really musical. I don't just mean it had a great soundtrack (they do), I mean, like, they're musical. You know? Mellow. Air. C'mon....

I don't own a lot soundtracks. But I've got these.

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