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Katrin Achinger
Jump (Without A Warning)
Normal Records

German singer Katrin Achinger has a very distinctive voice. It's put to good use on her new solo record. The groovy opener "Talking Mo'Nature" sees her adopt a relaxed, deep tone that meshes well with the electronic beats. The title track is a slightly exotic sounding pop song with a dance flavour. "Radio Song" is another moment when Achinger's voice shines. Strings swoop in and out and gives the song a slight resemblance to the Walkabouts.

"When I find My life" is a highly accomplished cover of a Marianne Faithfull song. Faithfull is an artist that seems like a kindred spirit to Achinger.

Jump (Without A Warning) is a strong record from an artist who should be better known all across Europe than she is.

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