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And The Lefthanded
And The Lefthanded
Éllet Records

Once there were Larry And The Lefthanded. Then Larry quit. Left are And The Lefthanded. And now these Finns get their record, an ee-pee, out on the Norwegian underground label Ellet Records (one of Mikael Telle's many labels: ). The cover says: "AND THE LEFTHANDED is not for beginners. AND THE LEFTHANDED is for the trendy active. YOU are trendy active. YOU want to know more. AND THE LEFTHANDED is for you." Another bunch of crazy Finns or what?

And The Lefthanded is a trio. Vocalist, bassist, guitarist(?) Timo A. Kaukolampi, Mikko "Zico/Vilunki 3000" Viljakainen on organ, theremin, and drummer Hannu Anttilainen. The music is groovy. And tasty. And diverse. Highly enjoyable. Four songs working at different levels. The opening "Mr Unpronounciable" is instrumental, and a bit (vintage) Stereolab-ish. "Walking Mirror" is rawer, with a lovely bubble-bass. The vocals and the beat and the sound make me think of another Finnish outfit, 22-Pistepirkko. "Subway" is quite spacey. Underground synth-rock. But last comes the best track, the darker, bluesy "Blue Vacation". Joy Division meet Kraftwerk. If you can imagine such a mixture.

All in all an exciting new acquaintance. Weird and wonderful. Modern music for now people.

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