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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 65 - 01/28/02


Back with more vengance! The northern hip-hop twosome Tungtvann (English: Heavy Water) return with their second longplayer, after their breaktrhrough singles (the, well, somewhat controversial "Ubudne gjesta" and "Hold det nede") and 1st album (Nord og ned) some 2 years back. Rap-mouth Jørg-1 (Jørgen Nordeng) and beats-maker/sampler/turntable-spinner Poppa Lars (Lars Sandness) have come up with 13 tracks (including 2 skits), and a far more dark album than first time around. Yet, there's still some 'party on!' attitude in their cocky lyrics.

Mørketid (for you English speaking/reading: the word for when the sun is away in Norhern Norway during winter) was recorded both in Oslo and Bodø (their sort of 'hometown', even though Lars is from a place further north?);, as well as holding some live extracts (including their performance at last year's Roskilde festival). First single "Pøbla" (Eng.: 'Hoodlums') has been heavily aiplayed for almost two months already, and it shows their talent for a witty/shocking/smashing word flow on top of perfect beats'n'cuts pasted together. Jørg-1's lyrics are straight from the gut, no censorship in sight, and he's already been 'banned' by the police force in Bodø for his lyrical straightforwardness in letting out his thougts and feelings on touchy subjects. He's got a great talent for rough-neck-street-cred rhymes (with funny name-dropping), even though there are some too stupid-sleazy moments (sex-pig, sex-maniac, or just kiddin'...?). On "Pøbla" they've brought in veteran bohemian folk-singer Terje Nilsen (of Bodø), whose bass-voice brings a solid fundament to the track. The lyrics for this one, as well as another track, "D E sånn" (Eng.: 'It's like that'), is partly based on some song (?) lyrics written by Norwegian author Klaus Hagerup. "Fram T 95" (Eng.: 'Till 95') is Jørg-1 looking back, remembering what happened from 88 till 95. Youth memories (stories not unlike what Uro presented last year).

Stand out track is the brilliant "Bransjehora" (Eng.: '(Music) Business whores'. Count me out...), which kicks a lot of ass - lyrically as well as musically. A feast, a blast! The single "Pøbla" is also great, along with "Æ e" (Eng.: 'I am'), as well as the 'look-back' "Fram T 95". Another entertaining track is "Supermann elsker II" ('Superman Lover II'), which is almost Tungtvann goes Eminem. Tungtvann still rule Norwegian rap as the thoughest. Nothing beats rapping with their northern dialect. Let's hope this won't prevent Tungtvann reaching a bigger audience, incuding Denmark and Sweden. Shouldn't be so. Rap on, beast boys.

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