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Jack and the Beanstalk
Cowboys in Sweden

Jack & the Beanstalk are back. After their last record frontman Joe Algeri recorded an solo album with a more aucoustic touch (check it out!), but now it's time for rock'n'roll.

JATB last record featured great popsong like 10 000 Sunny Days and (I Wan't To Be Like) Ray Davies among lots of great popsongs. This time Joe takes the band back to garage. The pop-feeling is still there but is blended with pure rock. Joe's been listening to a lot of 70's punk bands and that have added a nice attitude of rock to the popsound. The music is both Ramones and Cheepskates at the same time. The Ramones-sessions in Joe's apartment can be heard on the song Baby!. Three live tracks have been added last, featuring two old songs, Curiosity and Gram Parsons, and a cover of the Dictators' Who Will Save Rock'n'Roll. That's a question for the future but Jack & the Beanstalk doing their best to keep the rock in this world.

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