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Frankfurt born Shantel (or Stefan Hantel) - DJ and musician - is new to me, though this is his third full album. His former works count Club Guerilla (1997) and the praised Higher than the Funk (1999), plus Auto Jumps & Remixes (1997), which is a collection of his earlier EPs. Greatdelay holds chilling, laidback club music that can be good and comfortable company when (if...) summer comes around.

Presenting loose grooves and floating moods, Shantel has been compared to "brothers in mind" like Kruder & Dorfmeister and Howie B. Greatdelay was recorded in Tel Aviv, Israel, where Shantel, with a minimum of equipment, pulled in local string and horn ensembles and orchestras, plus singer Efrat Ben-Zur. The result is a soothing mixture of genres, from dub and house, via Latino and bossa rhythms, and then to oriental inspired grooves. A very soul filled mix of organic and electronic soundscapes, quite loose and fluffy appearing, but with a tight enough edge. Check out the instrumental opening track L'Intro, which sets the atmosphere (mysticism and exoticism) for the album, the swaying pop tune Inside, the very fine Believe, the orchestral extravaganza of View, or the sober (piano and vocals) Tiens.

A smooth and pleasant record it is. Let the sun shine, bring out the cocktails.

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