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Aquarium Poppers
Find The Tunes/Jamison
35g Records

Aquarium Poppers is a duo consisting of Karl Morten Dahl from Electric Jam Soul Aquarium and Thor Jørgen Holm from Chime Poppers, two of the bands on the quite thriving Trondheim underground scene.

AP plays low fidelity pop rock with a dash of Guided By Voices (Find The Tunes) and Byrds (Jamison). Mr. Holm is the brother of Øyvind Holm of Dipsomaniacs fame, and I think it is fair to say that he has listened a lot to his brother's records. I miss the punch of his brother's music though, this sounds more like a Dipsomaniacs demo. And with a title like Find The Tunes it is tempting to say just that...

Order your copy of this 7" single from Karl M. Dahl. Check also this site for more information.

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