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flag France - Luna Kafé - Full Moon 5 - 03/24/97

Urban Jungle

Well, before this band signs to a major company, I thought I could just review their first single. They come from the North of France, are called Useless bus they should be recommanded by any Doctor as a medication against musical bad taste.

The line-up is: two guitars, one bass, one singer and one DJ. No drums, just a beatbox. Useless does not rock. They kick ass using DJ styles technologies (acid sounds, jungle and techno beats) and heavy guitars mixed with a dub bass. Meanwhile, they have their singer singing in French or English, jumping in the air and dancing with a style that should make John Travolta jealous.

Yes, Useless on stage is great. Really excellent. And even if the single can not show all the potential, due to the fact that it is only small piece of plastic, that you can't compare to a whole stage and 5 musicians, it is a very way of knowing that Useless, after having won the annual French Rock Association award now has a future. Let's hope that if they sign to EMI, they will not fall into the traps of star systems. If they get over it, Useless can take over the world.

And for those who likes comparing bands, let's say they have the same kind of spirit as Zion Train with the energy of a Prodigy!

Happy? Get up and dance!

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