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Wild Cat
Razor Sharp
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Swiss/Australian René Vetterli is back with a vengeance! The cover artwork (by Kitty, as on the other Wild Cat releases) of this new Wild Cat CD single depicts Vetterli and another (unknown) guy about to decapitate a girl with a chainsaw ... while another picture shows the same girl (dressed in black leather) with a whip laying on her chest, suggesting some sort of sado-sexual situation. This all fits nicely in with the earlier Wild Cat releases, just more extreme, and again it makes me wonder what's going on ... one thing's for sure, there aren't many bands or artists that can match this rock'n'roll hero of weirdness.

The line-up info is sparse, so I can't say for sure, but there may have been some personnel changes since the No Need For Tears single of 1997. The only thing mentioned is that the drums are handled by Jamie Katsidis, and that Amanda Rowe sings the backing vocals. There are two songs on this CD single, recorded at Troy Horse Studios in Sydney. The first one out, Live Your Life, Don't Be A Bastard is the most metallic song from Wild Cat so far. Solid 80's heavy metal, but vitalised by Vetterli's highly original way of singing and an array of eccentric breaks. The guitar-playing is more solid and in your face than ever, but in Wild Cat's world, Vetterli is, and will always be, the focal point. With You Brighten Up My Day things slow down, as we're treated to a melodic ballad, with a crisp Knopfler-style guitar. I can hear traces of earlier Wild Cat melodies in this song, and like most of their other songs, there are always some quirky melodic moves present.

When I play Wild Cat for other people, I never know how they will react. Quite a few burst out laughing (and continue until I hit the stop button), others become completely silent with jaws slightly dropped, while a few instantly decide that this is the worst they've ever heard. Now there is nothing wrong with laughing at Wild Cat, I guess ... but for me the laughter is combined with a fascination of the guy. Be sure to keep a Wild Cat CD in your "boring party emergency kit." I do.

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René Vetterli
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