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flag France - Luna Kafé - Full Moon 4 - 02/22/97

Stroke Of Luck

Bly has been around for a while now in France. They have worked hard to build a following in the North of France and they were on the edge of signing with a nice record company that would have brought them peace and serenity. But, no, the A&R men decided they were not big enough and Bly could wait. So they took their record and issued it.

Well done, this is a stroke of luck indeed: 12 titles of their noisy pop that can help you around for the whole day: stand up singing News, take a shower screaming Free, have breakfast listening to Hangover and well, play it just for pleasure.

A hint of Smashing Pumpkins, this cd sounds a bit more rock than the first ep, but without loosing the Ride / Manchester atmosphere Bly loves! Breaks, noisy guitars, they have been compared to Deus and their shows are great! The Chabada (a concert's place) in Angers is still shaking!

I really enjoyed the show and i really enjoy the kind of cool feeling, groovy atmosphere, let's have a drink and enjoy life!!! Go for it!

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