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coverpic flag Australia - Full Moon 35 - 08/26/99

Louisa John-Krol
Hyperium Hypnobeat Records

A couple of years ago, I came across Louisa John-Krol's first CD Argo. It was a wonderful concoction exploring the often psychologically and morally complicated worlds of mythology and poetry. Louisa's sophomore effort, Alexandria, runs along the same rivers of imagination and creativity. It is an album full of vivacious incantations inspired from mellifluous rumors from the faery lands and the literary world.

Alexandria is a tasty cocktail of Myth, glimspes of Cavafy and echoes of Dostoyevsky. Louisa's smooth voice and the array of instruments like mandolin, firesticks, bells, chimes, keyboard, chas-chas, guitar, ocarina, keyboard, tiple, tablas and angel harp, are the catalyst to the magic potion that gives life to all these mysterious characters from the fringes of reality ! An excellent effort by this Australian voice treasure.

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