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Our modulation

Micromars is Christer Jensen from Want (a pop quartet from Trondheim, who released their debut single On a Plane some years ago, plus a split single with Bronson Comet Lighter, both on the Myke Droner label), playing around with various keys such as Farfisa, Korg, and Roland. Our modulation is released by the Japanese label Motorway, and is a quartet of electro-pop songs of the Stereolab/Flowchart/Cornelius type. Catchy as well as cheesy. Music that bubbles and bounces through an electronic field of plastic straws.

FAST 5 is, well, a fast little pop song with charmingly unsteady synthetics. Cheesgnova (huh?) is a brilliant piece of Stereolab-pop, with a richer sound than the rest of the tracks on this EP. Noise Modulation is a bit to standard, I think, while AlphaBeta is a slow strolling pop song, and maybe the best song on Our Modulation. All in all, an amusing little 7" EP showing there's skill and will in the underground of Norwegian lounge pop.

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