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Lars Eric Mattsson
Lion Music

Obsession is the 4th solo album from Finland's guitar hero Lars Eric Mattsson and definitely his best release ever. Vocals on the album are by Swedish (?) singer Björn Lodin who some people may remember from his album with Baltimore and, before that Six Feet Under.

Obsession is jam packed with great songwriting and guitar playing. Lars is always playing very clear and with lots of feeling but the guitar solos are always very well structured. To me it sounds as if they were composed more than improvised but this is probably impossible to tell. Anyway, the album opens with Caught in Your Web which reminds me a lot of the music on Lars' second album No Surrender, which means stylewize like a mix between vintage Malmsteen and Deep Purple. The third track Just a Leo is my favourite and here we are talking Rainbow/Uli Jon Roth mixed, the solo is amazingly beautiful. Messenger is an oriental inspired song with lots of sitar and strange drums, Long Way Home is a fast Blackmore rocker with a good catchy chorus and Lay it on the Line begins with an unaccompanied guitar solo in the style of Eruption. This is not one of the better songs on the album but for guitar fans it is a must to hear. Overall Bjorn Lodins vocals are excellent all through the album even if they at some spots sound a bit uninspired. US magazine Progression called Obsession 1998's best guitar CD!

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