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Where Echoes End
By The Pricking Of My Thumb
own label

This CD from Australia is a dark atmospheric, progressive, ambient, classical electronic, tribal cocktail - an emotional flammable world full of intricate, labyrinthine plots and mental explosions. More than music, this CD is an artistic expression, a canvas on which Where Echoes End have drawn a disturbing image of the 90's in eloquent spliced sounds and seemingly flowing beauty.

Like John Adams' American Standard, this turbulent and often violent image of reality can only be captured and reformulated in an artistically complex and aurally coherent form by the very few and gifted. A masterpiece for and about the 90's, this is a CD that will disturb you, involve you in its plot and damage your false sense of security. An art piece of classical beauty and modern tones. Magnificent Darkness!!!

Where Echoes End / Eddie Katz, 20 Becket Avenue, East Bentleigh, VIC, 3165, Australia

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