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My Wild West
Cooking Vinyl/LionBoy/Thirty Tigers

The strong-voiced Lissie returns with another album of good vibes music. Her third album has some truly great songs.

"Hollywood" is a song that has a glossy sound, and an insightful lyric. Lissie's band play to her strengths. "Hero" sees Lissie play a bittersweet ballad, where she recalls Stevie Nicks, and the sound recalls eighties era Fleetwood Mac, while sounding modern. "Don't You Give Up On Me" is a feisty song with a strong chorus. Lissie makes a radio hit without sounding too mainstream.

"Shroud" is sadder and still has a hopeful tone, Lissie's vocal is just lovely. It' s a great album, and Lissie is here to stay that's for sure.

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