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Liminal Drifter
Troubled Mystic (feat. Chloë March)
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Liminal Drifter (aka Dr. Simon Order) is a Perth based electronic producer. According to the Facebook site, 'Liminal Drifter is ambient electronica, tinged with splashes of trip-hop and psych folk.' Order's (hailing from the UK) previous work includes the '1990s project dUB Rumble, producing remixes with UK prog' (accoring to the Hidden Shoal label).

On "Troubled Mystic", the title track from Liminal Drifter's forthcoming debut album (due out August 19th), Order's teamed up for a collaboration with English dream-pop artist (and labelmate) Chloë March. The result is a thrilling and teasing track of icy coolness and perfectly tempered charm. You can see/hear the link, or musical relation towards, backwards to the trip-hop of the 90s/early 00s, such as Massive Attack. Their label also mention early Warp Records electronic acts The Black Dog, Plaid and (early) Autechre. Hidden Shoal say that the song 'punctuates a bright, shuffling groove with golden swells of brass and March's aching vocal.' Quite right, and it makes me curious to check out the rest of Troubled Mystic.

If you're into 'downtempo dream-pop to shimmering, spacey electronica', Liminal Drifter might be the right pilot for your ride. Surf the space waves.

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