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Les Limbes
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Les Limbes is an instrumental post rock band based in Bordeaux, in the southwest of France. Their first single "Hypersonic", is a taster from their forthcoming, self-titled debut EP (due out April 17th).

The band formed and started their mission in 2012, and soon they grow to a five-piece unit of players counting Arnaud Sigonney (guitars, piano), Daniel Guerin (guitars), Yoann Roy (bass), Julien Favreau (drums), and Nicolas Pointeau (on synths and samples). Arnaud Sigonney used to be in the band Beautiful Lunar Landscape, who had an EP out on Hidden Shoal Recordings some years ago, back in 2007. Since they seem to be a lunar or stellar act, or even straying all possible galaxies and the entire Cosmos, we here at LK need to check out their music. Les Limbes' sonic escapedes explore outer space. Let's see if they have some cosmic magic powers, which can create some vibrant 'epic, rocket-fuelled post-rock'n'roll' (Hidden Shoal). Lancé une fusée dans l'espace.

Their Australian label Hidden Shoal say that Les Limbes are 'all about propulsion and atmosphere'. According to Merriam-Webster (Encyclopædia Britannica) 'Limbo' (Limbes) is ' abode of souls that are (according to Roman Catholic theology) barred from heaven because of not having received Christian baptism'. Or, it means: 'a place or state of restraint or confinement, of neglect or oblivion, or an intermediate or transitional place or state, or a state of uncertainty.' The lurking, chasing and tricking "Hypersonic" holds hints of both Sonic Youth and Mogwai, and the sonic escapdes is of the stealth type: not to be detected by radar. It is a cool track, holding swirling melodies and pulsating rhythms. I need to try to dig and sink deeper into, or to float further away with their music to see where they take me. Where their music end up. "Hypersonic" is alright, but I'll check out the rest of their four track EP to see how and where the band come out. What they really are up to.

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