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coverpic flag Australia - Full Moon 226 - 02/04/15

Courtney Barnett
A Double EP: A Sea Of Split Peas
Milk!/House Anxiety Records/Mom & Pop Music/Kobalt Label Services

Australia's Courtney Barnett has a unique style on this double ep/album that's for sure. Opener "Out of the Woodwork" is a woozy, hallucinatory dream of a song with a lazy vocal. It's a fascinating way to start.

"Avant Gardener" is a country-tinged song that feels familiar in a good way. Barnett unsettles with a whimsical vocal. "Anonymous Club" is a slow dirge with Barnett's tense vocal painting strange visions to cool backing. "Ode to Odetta" is a nice, acoustic closer with a heartfelt lyric. Barnett's got a way with these things. It's a beautiful album, and a new one is due soon.

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