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coverpic flag Belgium - Full Moon 221 - 09/09/14

Pseudo Code
The Radio's On
EE Tapes

Here's the second Belgian offer this moonth, the second with Alain Neffe present behind his keyboards and the second released by EE Tapes. Well, this album was released a few months ago, but that doesn't really matter. Pseudo Code was a hard-hitting trio that only existed for a little more than two years, if I remember rightly, in 1980-82, covering post punk, industrial and experimental music, as young aspiring independent musicians ought to indulge in back then. The other two members were Xavier S (lyrics, vocals and pianet) and Guy Marc Hinant (guitar, percussion and pianet). The trio only released a couple of EPs and cassettes in the band's own time. An LP album called Europa was released by Alain on his Insane Music label shortly afterwards (also relaunched on CD by EE Tapes a couple of years ago, sold out by now; but an LP repress on SubRosa last year ought to be available still).

But the majority of the band's recorded output haven't seen the light of day until the last ten years or so. The band improvised a lot and kept the tape rolling while they did. In this respect they remind of the legendary kraut band Can, trying to reach hypnotic states, though with a more punky attitude.

The Radio's On lasts more than 70 minutes. Apart from four pretty restrained versions (or parts?) of the title track the ten remaining tracks are pretty long, loud, grey, gritty, industrial, experimental, hard, harsh, dirty, dense, distorted, demanding, hypnotising, ...

Try it, if you dare!

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