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Augie March
A Dog Starved
Dark Satanic Records / Caroline

Wow, it has been many years since I last time (first time) checked out Augie March. At the time (during a brief stay in Australia) I stumbled upon their debut album, Sunset Studies (2000). Years have passed since then, and I 'parted' with the band, but they kept on putting out albums, aiming for a commercial breakthrough: Strange Bird (2002), Moo, You Bloody Choir (2006), and Watch Me Disappear (2008). Well, the band took a dive in 2009 and they began years of hiatus. Then, this year saw a reunion, and the Melbourne quartet are ready with a comeback album, Havens Dumb - due out October 3rd. The poppy "A Dog Starved" is the second single, following the calmer "Definitive History" (which was served in early August).

Band leader/singer-songwriter Glenn Richards (who put out a solo-album, Glimjack in 2010) and his bandmates: Adam Donovan (guitar), Edmondo Ammendola (bass), David Williams (drums), and Kiernan Box (keyboards) are ready for new escapades. "A Dog Starved" is a very (slack) Beatlesesque pop song. It is a catchy, swirling piece of music, with a late 60s flavour. But, mind you, the Augie March trademark is also present. The track for sure is good company and is a good sign for the coming album (even though I wasn't though impressed with "Definitive History"). Let us wait and see - to hear the rest of the album. "A Dog Starved" is way cool. It makes us starve for more. Welcome back, Augie March!

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