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coverpic flag Finland - Full Moon 220 - 08/10/14

Sin Cos Tan
Blown Away
Salina Records

Sin Cos Tan is already on their third album of very eighties-influnced synth pop. Jori Hulkkonen and Juho Paalosmaa now attempt a concept album, how very prog of them.

It's the story of a divorced guy who becomes a drug courier. As you do. "Love sees no Color" is a super-catchy effort that recalls pure Pet Shop Boys and the lyrics are intriguing. "Colombia" is an atmospheric offering about our hero's continued misadventures. Paalosmaa's delivery is offset by a very contemporary backing. The dreamy tune is very well-accomplished and true to life. "Addiction" is the inevitable darker side of our tale, the singer singing of the hero's descent. It's a lightly played, yet dramatic song.

The closing "Heart of America" starts with an examination of the American dream. It's a catchy tune, very modern sounding. It's a very compelling album.

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