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David Gray

David gray has had a long career to date, and a monumental success with the self-recorded White Ladder that put him on the map. The new album doesn't quite reach those heights, but it's still a worthwhile effort.

"Back in the World" sees him joyously singing "I'm Naked Like a Tree, That's the Way to Be". Vocally he still has that unique timbre that made songs like "Babylon" so affecting. The title song is a positively radiant composition, Gray singing in a convincing way of embracing the future. "Last Summer" has an almost elegiac tone well matched by a reflective melody. Gray's definitely got a good thing here. "Girl Like You" is a dreamy sigh of a song, well accomplished by Gray. His voice is in fine fettle here.

It's a good album, and he's definitely an artist to follow.

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