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Richard Lloyd
Internet Café, New York, July 16th 1998

Some time ago I was wondering: where's Richard Lloyd? I mean, besides Television's charming reunion back in '92, plus adding some elegant guitar-work on at least two Matthew Sweet records, it's been quiet since his last studio album 13 years ago (plus the release of a live record in '87). Anyway, on the 16th of July anyone being in or around New York City had their chance to meet him. Very few did. The Internet Café sure is a small place, but an audience of 17 (!), I mean, where was everybody? Shame on all of you!

I didn't recognise Mr. Lloyd by the bar, but as he took off his glasses and picked up the guitar, Richard Lloyd was present. A brief soundcheck was gliding into the first song of his short set. Deep Submarine(*), followed by I Will Show you Mine, Stay(*) and Ain't it Time(*), and, after bit of a fumbling start, he seemed to find the right moods. His songs were quite long and included many themes and phases and passages. I got the feeling of being watching a man playing for himself, at home in his living room or something. The whole evening seemed so private and personal. But it was really great being there, and, yes, Richard Lloyd showed glimpses of finger-magic. The only song I recognised was Backtrack from the Field of Fire album. "A lot of sad songs, eh?", he said, before presenting the best song of the evening, King of Fools. Fascinating.

Of course I had to shake hands with the legend afterwards. New material has been, and will be recorded, I was told. Coming, maybe not soon, but sometime, since no record deal has been offered yet. It was nice meeting you, Richard! Hope to see you soon!

(* means unofficial titles)

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