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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 219 - 07/12/14

Bring It On
Self Destructo Records

Razorbats have members with experience from Norwegian bands Surferosa, Summon The Crows, Sonic Bandits and Gatecrashers. Last year they released their 7" single Ruben's Lost Control, under the name The Heat. Now they are back with a new freshly sharpened name and an EP release with four songs. Judging from the unnecessarily bloody cover this promises to be hard-hitting music, and we are not let down. Razorbats' mixture of sing-along pop-punk choruses, almost-hardcore rock'n'roll and semi-boogie riffing is topped off with a touch of dirty glam. Hanoi Rocks, Turbonegro and Backstreet Girls (Norway's boogie r&r overlords) are all traceable ingredients in this highly energized stew. No doubt Razorbats are a rush experience live, but they will make you thirsty on a record player as well.

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