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coverpic flag Norway - Full Moon 214 - 02/15/14

Team Me
F is for Faker
Propeller Recordings

Just in time for Luna Kafé's issue 214 comes the new single from Team Me, the six-piece indieband from Elverum, Norway. And, yes, they're (one of) the best pop bands around Norway. Still. No doubt.

It's been over a year since their Female Lead EP, and nearly 2 1/2 years since their pehnomenal debut album, From The Treetops! "F is for Faker" is a taster, or rather, a shamless teaser from their upcoming album, which is in the making, but not ready for release until autumn(?). Team Me is quite special and unique on these shores. It's hard to find another Norwegian act doing things the way Team Me do. Totally dominant, being masters of the pop domain, with excellent songs, a heart-warming attitude, and with a fine duality of seriousness and entertainment in their music. "F is for Faker" is simply a super-catchy and super-groovy song. It's a pounding, smashing tune. A spectacular popadelic moment, an extravaganza of happy sound. A fab pop song crammed inside 3 minutes, 13 seconds.


Founder, frontman and songwriter Marius Drogsås Hagen and his cohorts - Bjarne Alexander Ryen Berg, Simen Sandbæk Skari, Uno Møller Christiansen, Simen Schikulski, Elida Inman Tjørve - are a charismatic and enigmatic gang. Energy, stamina, joy. Glazed with a perfect sugar-coating. Musically they're a bit related to, say, Arcade Fire; 'old school' Arcade Fire, with some of the same punch, sway, and attitude as the Canadians. 'P is for Passion!!' - 'You're one of a kind!!' - 'My home is where my heart is. My heart is here with you!' Marius Drogsås Hagen is chanting his heart and soul out in a blistering pop song, which is very, very addictive for sure. Better see them live while awaiting their second album. They will tour rather intensly around Norway, as well as abroad this winter and spring, and summer I guess. F.i. at the at SXSW festival in Austin, TX, and at the Mercury Lounge, New York, NY, and at the Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn, NY to name some of their upcoming gigs in March.

"F is for Faker" is an incredibly charming single, from an extremely charming and highly talented band. T is for Team Me!

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