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coverpic flag Australia - Full Moon 209 - 09/19/13

Deniz Tek
Career Records

Deniz Tek is an experienced musician [he's a founding member of the legendary OZ rockers Radio Birdman - editor's note] and it shows on this record of unapologetic rock'n'roll. It's a theme album about the decline of the city in question in recent years.

Opener "Pine Box" is a tough reflection on mortality with a dynamite guitar part. Tek's vocals are sharp here. "Twilight of the American Age" is a sharp song with a strong chorus. It sounds very early Stooges. "Growing Dim" is a ballad and one that Tek and his band play with their usual finesse. The ragged lead vocal only adds to the feel of the bluesy song. "Let him pay for that" is a song with Stonesy swagger that feels natural in these hands. It's another good song on a solid album.

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