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Guido Möbius
Though The Darkness Gathers: Spirituals by Guido Möbius remixed
Karaoke Kalk

Last July Guido Möbius launched his 4th album, Spirituals, a humoresque, twisted, kitschy, whimsical, and gospel-tinted record. Here's Though The Darkness Gathers which is Spirituals (well, at least parts of it) remixed. Let's revisit Spirituals even more bent and twisted baby brother.

Like his labels states: "Spirituals and gospels can be powerful and energetic. Guido Möbius has brought this energy into a new context." Spirituals was for sure an energetic experience. This remixed record is much more toned down and laidback. Last year's album was, according to Möbius himself, "...deeply rooted in the collective consciousness." A remix album, as I see it, is more of a solo run, based on 'single consciousness' as each artist take on a track with creative freedom, without limits and borders. Möbius invited eight of his favourite contemporary musicians/artists to make their own versions of his tracks, seeking a varied and entertaining result.

The remixes of the eight tracks are done by: Senking (a.k.a. Jens Massel), Rotaphon (a.k.a. Boris D. Hegenbart), the French duo Gangpol & Mit, the Californian Jason Forrest, Candie Hank (a.k.a. Patric Catani), the Finish Mesak, Sick Girls, and Englishman Daniel Padden (Volcano The Bear). The opening "More Evil Ways" by Senking is a The Residents-like piece. Tough one. Many of the tracks are quite repetitive and, if I can say so, a bit monotonous. Probably done with purpose, planned and performed as chilling, 'cheerful laments'. Slow-motion dubstep, or doomstep, as Karaoke Kalk refers to. One might add gloomstep as well. Electroacoustic music and sound stylishly done, both iced and chillingly cool, as well as heated and steaming hot. Here's speedy hyperactivity as well as hypnotic slow-motion. Many tracks are indeed entertaining and fascinating stuff, they're even somehow - in one way or another - quite catchy and danceable. Sick Girls' "All Around Me Sick Everyday Mix" is one the coolest tracks to my ears, along with the closing track, Daniel Padden's "Send The Ark". Many of the others are also worth checking out, in fact the entire album. Though The Darkness Gathers is, as a fact, recommended listening.

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