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White Sails
White Sails
Ruska Records

Leigh Gregory and Ville Vilpponen and Jaako Vilpponen make up White Sails. They follow up an exceptional EP with a strong debut album.

As ever when Gregory is involved it's heavy on melodic possibilities, and evokes a sixties/seventies era pop/rock with a modern feel. "Dare to Shine" is an up-tempo song with a strong melody and a brilliant lead guitar line. "All of My Days" is a song that recalls prime the Church, all ringing guitars and dreamy vocals. "Departed" is another fine slice of melodic pop, White Sails delivering a sad yet hopeful song. Gregory's vocals are as ever just right.

"Seaside" closes the album on a bright note, a sweet song with a strong melody and a nice harmonica bit. It's a great debut on all counts.

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