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Crime and the City Solution
American Twilight

After a long hiatus, Crime and the City Solution returns. The remaining members Simon Bonney, Bronwyn Adams and Alexander Hacke are joined by Jim White, David Eugene Edwards and others join them. It's almost like they never left.

"Goddess" is a powerful statement of intent, Bonney and co delivering a rock song with a real undercurrent of American twilight. "My Love Takes Me There" is a string-laden song with a strongly delivered lead vocal. "Domina" is a soft yet urgent song with an Americana feel and a strength to compare to the band's older output. "Streets of West Memphis" closes the album on a good note, a tribute to the darkness on the edge of town. It sounds like the band have found their way back to each other easily, even though some members are no longer with us. They still sound like they never really left and did other things. It's good to have them back.

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