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Wolf People
All Returns

Psych-folk quartet Wolf People broke through with their debut album Steeple (Jagjaguwar) in 2010. Earlier that year the band had put out another album, the EPs and singles compilation Tidings (Jagjaguwar as well). Their second album, Fain will be out on April 29th, and in prior to their upcoming UK tour they have shared a new track. For free.

Wolf People hail from Bedford, Bedfordshire and the band was started in 2005 by singer and guitarist Jack Sharp. Sharp gathered drummer Tom Watt, guitarist Joe Hollick, and bassist Dan Davies, and the pack of wolves were complete. They took their name after the children's book Little Jacko and the Wolf People (by Margaret Greaves and Jill McDonald, 1973). Wolf People also became the first British band to sign to the fabulous indie label Jagjaguwar. According to Allmusic, Wolf People sound like '...John Peel's wet-dream band circa 1970, as they appear to have soaked up all manner of late-60s/early-70s psych, folk-rock, proto-prog, and blues-rock influences. Traffic, Family, the Edgar Broughton Band, early (pre-prog) Jethro Tull, and the quirkier side of Cream.'

So, pure psychedelic, fuzzy, bluesy nostalgia, or '...deranged psych-folk - picture Sabbath covering Pentangle and you'd be close...' (Jagjaguwar). "All Returns" opens quite Tullish. The song's like taken straight out of a time-machine crash bringing rock music back from somewhere around 1972-3. The verses are mild folk-rock, and the melodic instrumental themes change from semi-wild to caressing, with neat guitars and rolling drums. The solo part reflex goose bumps and a slight hair-raising. It's like a quick rush of blood to the head. This is cool stuff, and more than promising for the upcoming album.

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