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Happening Songs
Nova Express

Inventive, ideas friendly, surprising, mad, these are a few of the words I think of when playing this cd. I was originally to review another one, but hey, when you get hit by something like this, most ot the other stuff sounds pretty normal! So, let's go and have a look at this beautiful masterpiece!

Wet, the first song, is beautiful: This high frequency mixed with guitars and drums gives you exactly what you have been waiting to hear in the rock'n'roll story! And it's not too arty, too complicated music. You can listen to it without a guide to musical destructuration or without having to take notes. No, this is music for pleasure, for a good time and for energy!

The other songs will take you from pop to metal, folk to punk, but with a unity that makes it more than a cd full of riffs.

The band come from Valence, in the South of France. That is a fact. Then the cover looks arty: a small statue in a field. Ok. The cd has 13 songs. And a really trebly sound that takes you by surprise. Is this a techno record? No, it is definately rock! The atmospheres succeed at an infernal speed, and each title generates its own world apart.

Energy is still the key, and distorded voices, acoustic guitars, beat box and other stoned instruments are the weapons of this weird and astonishing noisy hurricane!

The band gives you a fresh "Lo-Fi" cocktail that could be compared with the ones from John Spencer or Beck... They'll take over the world!!!!

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