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A Day Of Research
Fellaheen, P.O. Box A537 Sydney South, Australia 2000

It crawled from the south. First stumbling across the many bureaucratic hurdles and encountering people unwilling to take chances with young unsigned bands only to strike out, proving its worth and showing Australia something it has never quite seen the likes of before. Guitar, guitar, drums.....Gerling.

A few demo inclusions on fanzine compilation tapes and faxes upon faxes sent to the Fellaheen label demanding their signing later, Gerling have released their first official CD, seven songs under the title A Day Of Research. The release knocked the socks off every music critic in the country it seems, not to mention securing them an almost cult-like following. The screaming single Jimmy Wah Crow Bar blasts out of stereo's across the land almost giving Gerling an indie hit (but not quite) and proving once and for all that guitar noise is alive and flourishing on our little island. Gerling will never be loved by the masses and that is perhaps why we love them so much.

Their ability to find structure within duel guitar chaos and confustion has pulled its fair share of Sonic Youth comparisons, aiding our need to constantly reference bands in a similar and historical context. But as flattering as the legendary guitar noise comparisons may be to Gerling, they are perhaps less than acurate on many levels. Looking beyond the wall of guitar fuzz and overt love of the distortion pedal, Gerling are simultaneously accessible and not so accessible to the Sonic Youth worshipping masses. Their songs are angrier (Jimmy Wah Crow Bar) but at the same time blatant pop (G For Sadness). They are quirky (I Am The Wind) yet so very obvious (Alsour Vampire). Their sounds is intricately orchestrated but the feeling that they grabbed an 8-track, some beer and just let it all happen overrides.

Above all else, Gerling are three boys from Sydney who, despite their onslaught of instant credibility and international bands screaming their name for support act, never lose sight of the fact that they are three average guys good at what they do and just happening to get lucky. In this sense, they combine the ethics and honesty of Sebadoh with the soundscapes of Sonic Youth to emerge with their own blend. It would be an insult to drag them down with the claim that they are a voice for the young band scene happening in Australia now - but well, to some degree they are.

A Day Of Research is the most stunning debut album we have seen for a long time. Order it today and spread the Gerling sound to your own country.

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