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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 195 - 08/02/12

David Josephson
Farväl Tristesse
Viskningar och vrål/Plugged

David Josephson has recorded a debut album rife with literary allusions, and it really works. "Nelly Sachs park" is a slow, yet confident opener full of a controlled sadness that he really handles well. "Balkongnatt" (Balcony night) is a sensitive rumination that Josephson makes with a clear flavor of early Leonard Cohen. "Stålblå luft"(Steel blue air) is an intriguing song with some carefully wrought instrumentation to support its heavy words. "Brev i maj-Farväl Tristesse"(letters in may, bonjour tristesse) makes for a powerful closing for the album as he sings of love and loss in a very appealing way. Josephson has something that helps him stand out in a crowd of singer/songwriters.

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