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Wizards Of Time
Little's Jingle
Hidden Shoal Recordings

From Phoenix, Arizona comes Wizards Of Time, a quintet - Andrew Hiller, Michael Porter, Lorne Mills, Jon Blair, and James Hanna - presenting "...Technicolor art-rock like lightning bolts from their nimble fingers.." according to their label. And, yes, from the very first seconds of the song's opening riff I'm all hooked. "Little's Jingle" is simply amazing and mind-blowing stuff.

My first thoughts are: this sounds like Grizzly Bear meets MGMT meets Deerhunter. Which is a good thing. A fuzzed guitar riff kick-starts the song, while a bubbling, uh, 'glockenspiel-piano' introduces singer Andrew Hiller, who's adding spirited vocals to a truly colourful song. Hidden Shoal states further that this is "progressive without being prog and pop without being pap...". Like I said, I was immediately hooked. The song grabbed me, and didn't let me go. I play it over again, same thing happens every time. It grabs, and holds. Check for yourself. This track is lifted from their forthcoming debut album, Will The Soft Curse Plague On? (due out on Hidden Shoal in June). Oh, yeah, I'm really excited to hear the album. The Wizards of Time are true wizards and gifted magicians when it comes to creating this magical mystery musical tour.

"Little's Jingle" is available for free download from the Hidden Shoal Store. Like they say; "the first dose is free", so you'd better be careful, because this is highly addictive.

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