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Vit Päls
Nånstans ska man va
Pit Väls / Playground

Vit Päls (English: White Fur) is a Malmö combo led by Carl Johan Lundgren, singer and songwriter. Or, Vit Päls is actually Lundgren, plus a variety of musicians. The band formed in 2004, and some 30-40 members have been aboard. Today's live line-up count 7: Calle Lundgren, plus Jens and Sofia Löfkvist, Klas Sjöberg, Siri af Burén, Hannes Bylund and Johannes Dontsios.

Vit Päls somewhat makes me think of bob hund (probably mainly just because of the South Swedish tongue, and it seems Vit Päls is a much more folk pop-oriented band), and even Beck or Pavement (because of the slack'n'chill attitude; imagine the loose fit, lo-fi Beck, or a toned down Pavement), but maybe mostly Belle & Sebastian (light-footed pop with careful brass). Lyrically Lundgren is presenting a comfortable and down-to-earth view inside his 'daily life, every day living' universe. It's a record with songs about (according to himself) letting the old go, leaving his hometown Malmö behind, to explore a new life in Stockholm. Nånstans ska man va (English: You gotta stay someplace) has been recorded almost on location, and all songs have been recorded in different places. Last year they put out the critically acclaimed 6 song EP Studio Möllan Sessions (holding the energetic "Loving You Was Crazy Shit" and the very fine ballad "Varje stavelse"; Every syllable), as well as the neat single Beach 2011 (backed with "Beatles på semestern", English: "Beatles on Holiday"). Nånstans ska man va is their debut album, sort of, as their 'first debut' Nu var det i alla fall så (English: Right now it was like that) (Make It Happen, 2009) was a compilation of tracks (a pick of 21 out of nearly 100 songs!) off various distribution channels (blogs and such).

Opener "Hösten talar med oss" (The autumn speaks to us) sets the mood quite perfectly, musically as well as lyrically. "Hallå haters" (Hello haters) follows, being a song to all the negative people ('...saying that I sing out of tune, that I'm just a joke...'). Brilliant. "Köpenhamn" is an excellent trip down (bad) memory lane. Some of the 12 songs are moodier and gloomier than others, such as "Sikk Fukk", but there's a good deal of humour and feel-good in Lundgren's world of tristessa and melancholia. Other peaks of the album count: "Som en skugga" (Like a shadow), "Varför tittar din pappa så där på mig?" (Why does your dad stare at me in that way?), "Middag framför TVn" (Dinner in front of the TV) and "Partyn och bakfylledar" (Party and morning afters).

Some songs pass under my radar, maybe being too weak. Or maybe they/I need some more time. Besides that this is a remarkable album. A true charmer, and a great collection of Swedish pop music on the side.

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