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Trailer Trash Tracys
Double Six/Domino Recording Co. Ltd. / Playground

The London based noise-pop quartet Trailer Trash Tracys are Suzanne Aztoria (vocals), Jimmy Lee (guitar), Adam Jaffrey (bass) and Dayo James (drums). This January they made their album debut with Ester.

Ester opens with the experimental, sweet and utterly unnerving "Rolling - (Kiss The Universe)", which is succeeded by 50ies-like shadowy pop-charming "You Wish You Were Red". And this mixture of the honeyed darkness, electronic wanderings and classic pop harmonies envelopes the album. Through swirling, almost ethereal "Engelhardt's Arizona", the lush dream pop of "Starlatine" and "Candy Girl", to the ghostly "Black Circle", and the slow, angry beats of the closure, "Turkish Heights".

All these lovely quirky tunes are build around Suzanna Aztoria's sensual whispering voice. Yet, in all it's beauty Ester is pretty creepy as well as seductive. This gives it more than some resemblance to a Lynchian soundtrack. Which in my book, is a definite compliment.

So, Trailer Trash Tracys has with Ester made an astonishing, dark, dreamy and delightful debut.

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