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The Beach Boys
The Smile Sessions
Capitol Records

It is here!
It is now!!
44 and a half years into its coming. Finally!!!

I think we've said it all earlier, well almost.
Here's the review of the first live resurrection.
Here's a review of the recorded resurrection.
Another live resurrection review from down under.
And finally; Our Prayer.

Buy it any format you like, being it the double LP with one LP-side of bonus tracks, the double CD with one and 1/3 CD-side of bonus tracks, the ordinary boxed set with the double LP, two vinyl singles and five CDs with lots and lots of bonus tracks, the more luxurious versions with signed lithograph, T-shirt or lights in the window shop at the front of the box that you can turn on and off, or - the most ridiculous version of them all - the autographed boxed set with lights and a genuine Smile surf board, a limited edition of ten copies worldwide at a mere 5.999,99 dollars.

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It is here!
It is now!!
This is pop history and legend come true!!!

PS! Now it's been documented. "I Was Made For Lovin' You" by Kiss is really a Brian Wilson composition, a scrapped excerpt of the "Bicycle Rider" from the "Heroes And Villains" outtakes. Just check out track 20 of disc 2 of the boxed set.

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