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City Of Satellites
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Remixed sees seven songs from the Australian dream-pop duo City Of Satellites' EP The Spook and the album Machine Is My Animal remixed. The outcome is quite stunning.

Remixed opens with Tim Manzanos cotton-soft take on "Machine Is My Animal", Syntax' approach on "Victor! Burn City Lights" is closer to the original, just with a lighter touch, while "Stranger Than Fiction" gets a delicious electroclash make-over by M-13. Slow Dance Society makes "Moon In The Sea" into an ordinary nice Slow Dancing Society tune, which means it's anything but ordinary. "BMX" has in Tim Koch's hands changed completely and appears as an eclectic pop-tune, and in that both gained and lost some of the immanent beauty of it's former self. Jatun gives "Control" a fuzzy and tighter expression, while the closure "Skeleton" in Manuels' version has gone in a warmer and smoother direction.

With so many different remixers it is as expected some variations here, but it still feels like a wholesome album, tied nicely together by the underlining of City Of Satellites shoegazing dream-pop material.

And in some parts, these mixes has not just made the tunes slightly different, or added another kind of quality, but actually turned the better part of them into something more, and by that; better.

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