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Great Bear EP
Phone Me / Tuba!

A couple of months ago Lukestar put out this 5 song, digitally available only EP. Great Bear EP holds (well, obviously) "Great Bear" off their latest album, Taiga, plus 4 new songs (never released in Norway) being out-takes from the making of their last two albums. Session losers, somehow.

"Great Bear", the single choice from Taiga, kicks off, and it's better than I remembered. It's a great pop song. Catchy. Indeed. So is "Houses Of Gold", and I really don't understand why this wasn't a Taiga track. Even the smashing "F.U.A." is a solid track, with its driving synths and drums. Lukestar for sure make intense and powerful indie-pop (with a hint of ELO), topped with Truls' distinct trademark vocals.

"Where The Circus Winters" and "Your Words Are Fire" are both from the Lake Toba sessions (they were both included on the Japanese version of the album). They're both OK, but maybe not as immediate and refined as the rest of the EP. Well, the latter of the two is quite punchy and powerful, making Great Bear EP a very strong hand. Proving Lukestar to be quite a bunch of players.

I'm ashamed to admit I haven't seen the band play live yet. Soon, I hope, Soon.

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