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Between Worlds EP
self released

Priestessa is the musical moniker of talented vocalist and keyboardist Marlene Samson. Born in the Philippines and based in Melbourne, Samson brings a wealth of experiences and deft songwriting to the five songs that comprise her second EP.

First and foremost, Samson's voice is absolutely stunning, especially on opener 'Envelope' and the following title track. A classically trained opera singer, the level of control and depth of expressiveness she coaxes from her voice is startling and affecting. Of the five songs, the final pair, 'Sumse' and 'Come To Nothing', feel like the most fully realised compositions. Though the vocal performances in the first two tracks are easily the most moving, the structures of the songs could potentially have been developed further. When listening to them, I find myself waiting for something new to happen; some live drums and fuzzy bass might have worked well on 'Envelope', building on the atmospheric drum loops, piano and voice.

Given the progression between her debut EP Magick Love and this new selection of songs, it's tantalising to imagine how far her talent could carry her over the course of an album.

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