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Green Light District
Hidden Shoal Recordings

"Green Light District" is the new single by Perth band Umpire, according to their label Hidden Shoal they're 'widescreen indie-rock craftsmen'. True words. Craftsmen with a big heart. This is the taster off their forthcoming album Now We're Active.

Western Australians Umpire formed in 2006. Simon Struthers, Geoff Symons and Michael Lake founded what was to be a song writing and recording project. Two years ago they put out a self-titled EP, which received raving reviews and airplay around Australia. Hopefully they'll reach further now. "Green Light District" is very catchy and contagious, holding a good grip onto melancholia. It's a gracious song, sort of a perfect spring (well, early summer, Norwegian style) song. This is bliss-pop like from the days of the Chills and the Bats, Flying Nun early 1990s. Neat stuff! "Green Light District" should've replaced all the red light districts in the world.

Now We're Active has already been released digitally in Australia. The international date (CD release) is set to July 14th. Watch out.

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