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We Crossed The Atlantic
b/w Please Don't Go

Wurlitzer Jukebox

In these times when everybody are discussing Titanic's distastrous attempt to cross the Atlantic way back, it feels much safer to get on a plane. Even if it's Hydroplane. On We Crossed The Atlantic they've chosen the atmospheric route, rather than the seaway. The people behind this Hydroplane release use to be in a band called The Cat's Miaow, from Melbourne (?), Australia, and they have released lots of music (7"s, cassette-albums, CDs) on different indie-labels (Toytown, Quiddity, Drive-In, Bus Stop, Harriet) over the years since the Cat formed in '92.

We Crossed the Atlantic in fourteen days,
Fourteen days we were away...

Hydroplane is extremely calm, with no drums, very discreet guitars, and spacy synths. Topped with a gorgeous female voice. (Kerrie ?) We Crossed... is indeed dreamy and way up high. On the flip-side we find the sparse Please Don't Go, much related to the a-side when speaking of instrumentation and atmosphere. There is also a 3rd track, Hey Joe (no, it's not the Jimi H. song). Lasting only 36 seconds, presenting some dark industrial, but quite relaxed noise. This is music for late nights, or early mornings, and maybe just a foretaste of something more to come.

Once again the magnificent underground label Wurlitzer Jukebox has given us something pleasant to suck on.

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