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coverpic flag US - New York - Full Moon 178 - 03/19/11

Ameet Kamath
Greasy Rails
Grant Road Records

Ameet Kamath's debut album betrays many influences. His vocal is always assured though, and his songs are strong.

"Enough" is a cool song about needing to slow down in this hectic world. The tune is suitably frantic in its pace and the vocal uneasy. "San Francisco" is a lovely paean to Kamath's hometown and it has a catchy and memorable tune. "Can I Have Some Of It?" betrays an Indian influence in the melody, and the words tell a story of an immigrant trying to fit in. It's an affecting and strong song. The title track has a cool swing to it, and some truly affecting words about the big city life. Ameet Kamath's debut is a truly memorable one.

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