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coverpic flag US - New Jersey - Full Moon 178 - 03/19/11

Shayfer James
The Owl And The Elephant
SJ / self-released

Shayfer James is clearly no ordinary talent, since this album comes packed with theatrical yet punchy tales sung in the voice of a celestial being. "Bayonettes" is an amusing yet deadly tale delivered in a tone akin to that of Rufus Wainwright. "When heaven closes" is another moment of great beauty and intrigue as James plays tribute to times past, and plays the piano with great dexterity. "Tombstone Road" is a droll and circus-like dirge with some deadly words to see it through. Its theatrical tone is done so well that it sops the song from going overboard.

"Insincerely Yours" is a song that live sup to its ingenious title. James makes an amusing yet caustic song out of that theme. His debut is one to cherish, as it is special and intriguingly delivered.

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