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coverpic flag Iran - Full Moon 175 - 12/21/10

Monika Jalili
RMJ Publishing / self-released

Monika Jalili has origins in the U.S and Dutch parents. She's decided to interpret songs from Iran, taken from the time before the revolution in 1979.

"Ghoghaye Setaregan" opens the proceedings with added words in French; it's a thrilling and nicely played track. "Gonjeshgake Ashi Mashi" sees Jalili's pretty voice well at home in a dynamic setting. She really can sing like a nightingale. "Evleri Vaar (To Bemaan)" sees Jalili and her producer Jamshied Sharifi reach new heights, in a lovely arrangement that feels tastefully done. The closing "Ay Vatan" is handled with repsect and care, Jalili's vocals at their most luminous and free. It's an intriguing record all told.

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