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Concrete Clouds
Tema Recordings

Hi-Horse is Jani Kämppi, Karin Creutz with help by Pexi Parviainen. They play a low-slung bluesy blend of rock with some terrific songs.

"Ma Chanson" sees Creutz sing sensually to a rather appealing melody. It's an evocative proposition when she sings the chorus in French. "Faust" sees the trio embark on a journey to the darker realms, all the while playing a suspenseful tune. Kämppi.s lead vocal is sinuous and affecting. "Bloom (Plato's Disco)" is a heavy riffin' track that the band excel at. Creutz' vocal adds a necessary light touch to make it even better.

"Devil in Disguise" sees them play a complex yet thrilling ode to danger. It's a great album in all.

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