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coverpic flag Australia - Full Moon 175 - 12/21/10

An Outpost of Promise
Plus One Records

Halfway hail from Australia and their latest record is produced by the legendary Robert Forster of the Go-Betweens. The rootsy sound is the bands own doing, and John Busby has a warm, inviting lead vocal.

"It's OK" has a broken-hearted swagger that belies its soft sound. Busby's vocal is real strong here. "Monster City" is a soft, poppy yet very appealing song that shows the group's strong side. It's not unlike Forster's former band. "Sweetheart Please Don't Start" carries on the sad-eyed sound and has a lovely lyric about a troubled relationship. It's as melodic as all their other songs. "Stevie" pays tribute to an old friend, with a catchy and heartfelt ode. Busby's vocal is on the money as ver. It's a terrific album.

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